Not content to simply borrow from its wide range of musical influences, Chicago-based quartet Model N is charting new musical territory as they perform around Chicago and prepare to hit the studio later in 2014.  The band’s interesting musical landscape is the result of a booming acoustic bass played by Rob Rejman, vintage deep-welled drums played by Michael Di Maria, deceptively simple guitar hooks played by Travis Rejman combined with the powerful songwriting and singing talent of Gia Biagi.

If the Velvet Underground and Uncle Tupelo started a garage band, you’d get close to the vibe of this powerful Chicago band.

Family traditions of musical exploration and appreciation – from polka to rock, folk to Italian classics – have shaped the lives of each member of the band in powerful ways. These backgrounds were woven together by husband and wife team Gia and Travis and his brother Rob when they joined forces to create the acoustic trio Model N to write and perform new material. The rhythmic, tense acoustic sound that defined the early stages of Model N developed with passed-out kids in the next room and was facilitated by slow-paced weekends spent on the banks of the Mississippi River. In 2007, Model N grew into a more full and textured sound with the addition of Mike behind the drums which has opened up new vistas for the band’s exploration.

The amped up Model N continues to earn new fans with a sound that is – like its home city of Chicago – dynamic, eclectic and solid.